Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crockpot Breakfast Casserole

I love a good breakfast casserole. I make them for almost every holiday and occasionally just because it's Sunday. This recipe, Crockpot Breakfast Casserole appealed to me because of course, it's made in a crockpot. Making a breakfast casserole requires assembling it the night before, refrigerating it, waking early, preheating the oven, sticking it in for an hour, and falling back into bed, hoping to hear the timer to wake back up.

This recipe seemed to take some of that work out of the equation. My husband loves breakfast casseroles with potatoes, so he was really excited for this one. I layered it as described, trying to figure out why I was layering it. Well, I figured it out! Layering it allows the cheese to help fuse the potatoes together into a casserole. Since the casserole is deeper in a crock, the ingredients that melt and meld into yummy breakfast goodness won't penetrate the entire layer of potatoes. This is actually something that other recipes of this kind didn't seem to mention, but it really made the casserole more shaped and easier to eat.

Again, you would think I would buy a new crockpot by now, but mine does run hot, and I think it affected the cooking time a little bit. I think it was done at about 6 hours. Luckily, I woke at the 7 hour point and the edges were just starting to burn. However, 95% of this casserole was perfect, so I am giving it a free pass this time. The bad part of this recipe was I woke several times throughout the night smelling this delicious casserole cooking. It made it tough to stay asleep, but I woke with anticipation that built all night!

I won't even go into any changes that I suggest. Why? Because these types of casseroles are all about flexibility. Put in the veggies you want, or go without! Pepperjack cheese instead of cheddar? Ummm, yes please! Bacon, sausage, ham? Why not all three?! Definitely try this recipe out of you have overnight guests or just a busy morning. You won't be disappointed!

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