Thursday, August 1, 2013

Apple Pie Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars

The name is harder to say than these bars are to make. The Apple Pie Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars are just four ingredients...literally four ingredients! They make the most yummy dessert that your family will be begging for more. You will feel like a genius chef and no one has to know it is so easy to make. Sprinkle a bit of flour on your face and let the compliments come rolling in!

You start with a roll of prepackaged sugar cookie dough, but honestly you could use the smaller individual portions if you soften them enough to press them into the dish. In fact, if you want to be a show off amongst those of us that know how easy these are to make, you could even use homemade cookie dough. But really, this is so simple. Create a bottom layer using 2/3 of the roll. Don't forget a little nonstick spray or butter...this will save you lots of cleanup later. Take this as someone that spent a bit with a brillo pad.

After this, sprinkle a bit of your cinnamon sugar, open up your apple pie filling and go to town spreading it out. The throw in a bit more cinnamon sugar because seriously, how can you go wrong with cinnamon sugar? You can't!

This last part really concerned me, I am not sure why. Maybe its because its not really clear and I needed set rules. But really, break up the last bit of dough, make small flat pancakes and put them on however you like. It almost resembles a cobbler like top. You will see apple through it, it won't be enough to cover it all, and its OKAY!

This bakes up in less than an hour. The recipe's author said hers took 35-40 minutes. Mine was more like 45-50, but the great thing about sugar cookie dough is that its really easy to tell when its done. The color shift on the edges is a sure sign. The top picture is a serving of this glorious dessert. You might ask, it doesn't look like a bar...that would be true because my family couldn't wait for it to cool. So it was more of a cobbler style eating it. The rest of it set up nicely and made great looking bars. The only thing I would say could be changed about this recipe is that the base was quite thick. I would use a 9x9 rather than an 8x8 pan, or even possibly slightly larger. 9x13 would be too big, but you could definitely get more bars out of this recipe in a larger dish. Overall, make this...just do it. I promise, you will feel love!

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