Friday, August 16, 2013

Cupcake Ice Cream Cones

Oh my, its not been that I didn't do anything this week, but its been a week of some kitchen trials that ended in things that didn't turn out as I had hoped. I take it seriously that if a recipe doesn't turn out well, I won't say it did. So, it has left me with little to write about! However, I offered my boys a special treat the other night that they just LOVED. Its so simple, something I had as a kid once or twice, so I was thrilled to see how excited they were for it!

Thanks to a summer sale, I had some ice cream cones to use up. This brought on the idea to make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. This recipe isn't fancy or made of homemade, organic ingredients. What I loved about it was easy way the author came up with to bake the cupcakes. I had seen several that took a foil pan and carved out circle, but this was so simple. I just took a sheet of foil and wrapped it around the 9x13 glass pan. I carved an X with a sharp knife, then pushed the cone through the X.

The only thing that I had to differently was the bake time. At 20 minutes, the cake batter in the cones was still gooey. It took my cones about 27 minutes. The other thing we realized the hard way was that if you put the leftover cones in a storage bag, don't seal it all the way or the cones and cake will be mush in the morning.

Overall, this is an extremely simple recipe with an awesome, kid-friendly outcome. This will definitely become a summer recipe that will be repeated in our home!

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  1. Mmmm! I love cupcake cones! I was introduced to them during summer swim-meets. They go great with "Walking Tacos"!