Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Greek Lemon Cake

We had a great meal today (This cake was made the same day as the last recipe)! And the only thing that could have made it any more delightful was to top it off with a terrific dessert, so that's exactly what I did! Greek Lemon Cake has a delicate lemon taste and is the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend!

When reading the recipe, I expected this to taste more like a sponge cake, but it's simply an airy cake with a normal texture.

You need to work quickly with this recipe or your egg whites will begin to lose their consistency. I would strongly recommend doing what you can before you turn on the oven; measure out the dry ingredients, grate the lemon peel & squeeze the juice, beat the egg whites; then turn on your oven and begin creaming the butter.

Two important things to note: use cake flour. Regular all-purpose flour will make your cake far too dense and will not yield a light, fluffy cake. Be sure, as well, to grease and flour your tube pan. It is not going to come out easily oherwise.

The recipe does not specify a certain type of icing, although it is pictured with icing. I chose simply to make an icing from powdered sugar, lemon juice and milk, which I then drizzled over the cooled cake. This a great dessert anytime you want something to complement your meal, not overwhelm it!

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