Monday, July 15, 2013

Million Dollar Spaghetti Casserole

Pure & simple, I love casseroles! Mostly, they are easy & flavorful...what a great combination! Now I have one more casserole to add to my recipe box of dinner time delights! There may be a little too much hype in the name, but over all, Million Dollar Spaghetti Casserole is an excellent recipe.

I did make a few small changes just because I know what I like! The recipe suggests you add peppers, mushrooms or onions, if you are so inclined. I added fresh onions and mushrooms. In my estimation, they make almost any dish better. I did not saute them prior to adding the meat. They were tender enough by the time the meat browned. And I most certainly did not use a full stick of butter! Between the sour cream, cream cheese & butter, there are enough fat grams to give your doctor a coronary! I did use about a tablespoon to grease the glass pan and I did dot the noodles with a modest amount of butter. Before pouring the sauce over the noodle mixture, I tasted it and it was rather bland and that I attribute to the jar of sauce I bought. So I stirred in about 1 tsp. of garlic powder which made a huge difference in the flavor! Otherwise, I stayed true to the recipe. This recipe does allow you a choice of cheeses. Nothing says italian to me like mozzarella and it was fabulous, but I can picture a variety of cheeses that would taste equally great!

This dish makes plenty and could easily be prepared early in the day to serve guests that evening by assembling all of the ingredients, less the cheese, refrigerating it, then allowing a few extra minutes bake time before your guests arrive. Just be sure to serve a little red wine with supper when you are entertaining!

My husband and I both loved this dish. He is beginning to think I am a culinary genius! Please don't tell him differently! I served the casserole with a fresh salad and some wonderful italian bread and it wowed!

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