Sunday, July 28, 2013

Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken

I have been seeing Wendy's new ads for their pretzel burger and I started thinking about using pretzels in recipes. I love honey mustard and I love pretzels, so I thought this recipe might be something unusual but delicious to try for dinner. Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken was an interesting take on breaded chicken.

I started by grinding up sourdough twist pretzels. The recipe states to use hard pretzels like sourdough. The twists that I used, despite being sourdough, did not yield a very crunchy crust. I would recommend the real, old fashioned pretzels...the kind that make you wonder if your teeth will survive the snack. I beat them with a meat mallet, the threw them into the food processor to grind up into a coarse crumb mixture.

The chicken breasts I purchased looked like they were from the world's largest chickens. Because of this, I sliced them into smaller strips. While dipping them into the mustard, I ran out of the half of the mustard dressing I had made and needed to borrow a bit from the second half. If you have larger chicken breasts, be sure to double the dressing part of the recipe. The pretzels were plenty, just short on the mustard.

I breaded the chicken with the crushed pretzels and then put them in the oven. Once they were done, I took them out and attempted to slice the chicken as shown on the recipe. The pretzel pieces immediately fell off. I decided not to slice the rest of them up, but to serve them as chicken strips.

The texture of the chicken was soft as I mentioned before, rather than crunchy as expected from a pretzel crust. However, the mixture of the pretzel flavor and the honey mustard was a perfect flavor for chicken. While the breading needs a little work, possibly with a different type of pretzel, the taste was definitely enough to get me to try this recipe again.

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