Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mosquito bite home remedy

We have been on a small vacation in "Up North" Minnesota. I came home with many pictures, fun memories, and a massive amount of mosquito bites. Afterall, the state bird of Minnesota is the mosquito. I won't gross up the site or your brain with pictures of my swollen, itchy bites, but rest assured, they are miserable. We slept for several nights with the windows open, as it was getting down into the fifties at night. Yes, FIFTIES in July! Unfortunately, the windows were apparently not mosquito tight, and every morning I awoke to a new area that mosquitoes had feasted on me like an all-you-can-eat buffet. 2 days later, I am still itching and miserable. I took to my favorite source of information, Pinterest, to find a home remedy. I have tried Benedryl, Benedryl spray, alchohol...nothing seems to be working. So, in all desperation, I searched the web.

This, fast and effective mosquito bite remedy seemed too good to be true. Rubbing a banana peel into my skin seemed strange, especially since the massive amount of carbs and sugar in bananas seems to be a magnet for mosquitoes when you eat them. However, rubbing the banana peel into the bites really brought some quick relief.

I have been itch free for six hours so far! The redness and puffiness of the bites have not gone down, but I am not making it worse by scratching them, so hopefully they will recede quickly.

While we like to focus on recipes, this was too great of a tip to not pass on. I hope this brings you some relief this summer as it did me!

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