Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Juicy Lucy

This week one of my recipes was the Joosie Loosie, a personal favorite of my family. We currently live in the Minneapolis area, the home of the Jucy Lucy, Juicy Lucy, aka Joosie Loosie. My husband fancies himself a burger expert, and orders one just about everywhere we go. So the Man VS Food episode has drawn us to several local joints that advertise great Juicy Lucy's in town.

The great thing about this recipe is that the burger recipe itself is a typical hamburger recipe. No bells and whistles, just a sound, tasty recipe. The key is getting the cheese into the burger in a way that keeps it inside while cooking and before serving. It took us several practice tries to keep the cheese inside of the burger, but by the last 4, the cheese was staying where it is supposed to and my expert husband was fancying himself a real burger chef.

The burgers aren't simple to put together, but the tips we found to work best was making two thin patties, fold a slice of cheese in fourths and place it on the center. Then place one patty on top of the other, press down on the edges with the burgers sandwiched between two pieces of wax paper. Make sure the patties are thin enough to cook through stacked, but thick enough to not leave cracks where cheese will inevitably leak out when melted.

Those these burgers were a lot more work than a standard hamburger, my family gave this a double thumbs up and we will definitely make these for special occasions in the future.

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