Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oven Tacos

Family friendly and healthy are sometimes a hard combination to find in a dinner. However, Google and I attempt it each week during meal planning. This recipe caught my eye, because how could you improve on tacos I thought? This recipe, Oven Tacos is really simple yet really improved the Mexican night in our home!

First of all, I really loved the idea of lining the shells out in the pans, having them easily propped up and ready to fill. Since I am in calorie counting mode, this made it simple to measure out the ingredients to ensure I was getting what I was supposed to and not more or less. This made for easy portions later.

As you can see from the picture below, I actually made two different kinds of tacos. The first tacos, as the ones on top, follow the original recipe. The tacos below, I added strips of sweet peppers to the tacos before the cheese. Trying to squeeze in enough veggies in my new low calorie diet is sometimes a challenge for me as I am not a veggie person. This was simple and really added new flavor to the tacos, or as my son said, made them the grown ups pan!

The reviews on the original recipe had some people complaining of the taco shells getting soggy, but mine were actually quite crispy still. I did follow the recipe author's suggestion of letting the moisture cook out of the beef as much as possible. This not only concentrated the taco seasoning flavor, but also kept my taco shells as they were meant to be.

The final product as you can see above, was perfect. The toppings were perfectly portioned and actually quite easy to keep the taco together, as the only loose toppings were the lettuce and salsa. The kids really enjoyed this recipe and it will definitely be added to my future meal plans!

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