Thursday, May 2, 2013

Honey Beef and Broccoli

This 5 star recipe for Honey Beef and Brccoli definitely deserves its five star rating! There are just enough varied flavors to tickle your taste buds without overwhelming them! The recipe is easy to follow and ingredients can be prepared ahead. For those of you on tight schedules, I would suggest cutting the sirloin & onion in advance, cleaning & cutting the broccoli and buying a jar of fresh minced garlic...wonderful time savers in the evening!

Another bonus to this recipe is that it can be easily varied. If you like it less spicy, cut down/out the pepper flakes; add carrots or mushrooms if you want additions; increase the sauce ingredients if you want more sauce; the variations are endless.

I served this with brown rice, but it would also be delicious with white rice.

Just as recipe suggests, do not overcook the broccoli. Following the suggested times is highly recommended!


  1. Would it also be good over rice noodles??

    1. Rice noodles would be perfect. The flavor was not overwhelming, and rice noodles tend to take on more of the flavor of the dish. I think it would be a great side!