Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cola Meatballs

After a recent gathering, we were left with some Coke, so I was extremely happy to find this recipe, Cola Meatballs that would turn this canned treat into a delicious meal! Cola Meatballs is an outstanding that I will definitely make again!

Unless you have time on your hands, I would suggest doing a little prep work the night before or early in the morning. Just preparing the meatballs beforehand will leave you valuable time that evening with your family or friends! I used a small scoop that was also a great time saver.

You may want to remember that, if you are rolling the meatballs by hand, do not compress or overroll the mixture. This will make the meatballs tough. I baked the meatballs & sauce 55 minutes and they were perfect!

As you can see from the picture, I served the meatballs over no yolk dumplings that I made al dente. I cooked mine two minutes less than the least amount called for in the directions and they held the sauce well, but were still tender. This dish could also be served with rice or your favorite noodles and would be equally delicious.

Fresh broccoli & fruit completed the meal in our home, but would be fabulous with a tossed salad as well.

This recipe says it serves six and that is accurate, unless of course, you are feeding lumberjacks at your house!

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